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Rocket Athletics

Campus Invitational

January 19, 2023

Full Meet Results

Team Scores
Team Points
Maize 378
Derby 376
Wichita Collegiate 376
Maize South 296
Campus 281
Winfield 249
Emporia 171
El Dorado 62
Coffeyville Field Kindley 54
Rose Hill 33
The Independent School 16

Individual Scores
Name(s) Event Place Time
Travis Dixon, Ben Kinnan, Dante Robinson, Brayden Herbert 200 Yard Medley Relay 13th 2:14.49
Landrik Perng 200 Yard Freestyle 16th 2:21.02
Jake Bowser 200 Yard Freestyle 26th 2:51.45
Sander Vaught 200 Yard Freestyle 27th 3:15.67
Dante Robinson 50 Yard Freestyle 21st 27.31
Issac Gulledge 50 Yard Freestyle 30th 29.61
Avery Tagtow 50 Yard Freestyle 33rd 31.13
Austin Corbin 50 Yard Freestyle EX 31.80
Trey Campbell 50 Yard Freestyle EX 35.67
Dante Robinson 100 Yard Butterfly 10th 1:06.08
Ben Kinnan 100 Yard Freestyle 34th 1:11.42
Jake Bowser 100 Yard Freestyle 38th 1:13.46
Austin Corbin 100 Yard Freestyle  41st 1:17.00
Trey Campbell 100 Yard Freestyle  EX 1:31.68
Dante Robinson, Brayden Herbert, Austin Corbin, Jake Bowser 200 Yard Freestyle Relay 14th 1:57.10
Sander Vaught 100 Yard Backstroke  20th 1:28.70
Travis Dixon 100 Yard Backstroke  21st 1:28.91
Avery Tagtow 100 Yard Backstroke 23rd 1:29.16
Ben Kinnan 100 Yard Breaststroke 19th 1:27.56
Landrik Perng 100 Yard Breaststroke 23rd 1:32.16
Issac Gulledge 100 Yard Breaststroke 26th 1:43.24
Travis Dixon, Austin Corbin, Avery Tagtow, Jake Bowser 400 Yard Freestyle Relay 13th 4:51.77


Pictures taken by Laura Robinson
IMG_6337 IMG_6341 IMG_6342 IMG_6343 IMG_6345 IMG_6346 IMG_6348 IMG_6351 IMG_6354 IMG_6355
IMG_6361 IMG_6363 IMG_6366 IMG_6367 IMG_6369 IMG_6370 IMG_6373 IMG_6374 IMG_6377 IMG_6380
IMG_6383 IMG_6384 IMG_6386 IMG_6387 IMG_6388 IMG_6390 IMG_6391 IMG_6394 IMG_6395 IMG_6398
IMG_6401 IMG_6404 IMG_6410 IMG_6417 IMG_6420 IMG_6423 IMG_6426 IMG_6428 IMG_6437 IMG_6450
IMG_6454 IMG_6455 IMG_6458 IMG_6459 IMG_6481 IMG_6482 IMG_6488 IMG_6493 IMG_6507 IMG_6545
IMG_6546 IMG_6549 IMG_6550 IMG_6559 IMG_6563 IMG_6564 IMG_6566 IMG_6567 IMG_6571 IMG_6615
IMG_6621 IMG_6631 IMG_6632 IMG_6633 IMG_6636 IMG_6642 IMG_6643 IMG_6646 IMG_6649 IMG_6653
IMG_6657 IMG_6658 IMG_6664 IMG_6665 IMG_6669 IMG_6671 IMG_6672 IMG_6673 IMG_6676 IMG_6682
IMG_6683 IMG_6692 IMG_6694 IMG_6699 IMG_6708 IMG_6710 IMG_6720 IMG_6723 IMG_6724 IMG_6725
IMG_6727 IMG_6728 IMG_6730 IMG_6731 IMG_6732 IMG_6734 IMG_6739 IMG_6741 IMG_6742 IMG_6747
IMG_6748 IMG_6752 IMG_6756 IMG_6767 IMG_6771 IMG_6775 IMG_6776 IMG_6779 IMG_6780 IMG_6782
IMG_6783 IMG_6786 IMG_6787 IMG_6789 IMG_6795 IMG_6797 IMG_6799 IMG_6801 IMG_6802 IMG_6804
IMG_6806 IMG_6807