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Rocket Athletics

Something I Will Never Forget

Mr. Wright has always been one of my favorite teachers ever since my freshman year when he was my baseball coach. He is one of the best teachers in the school because he acts like a real person. Most teachers just act like they care in order to shove knowledge down your throat but Mr. Wright actually cares about his students. If this class has taught me anything it is definitely about not procrastinating. I was only in this class for one year but I looked forward to coming to the classroom and being in the environment we have every day. The people in the webmaster class of 2021-22 are definitely some of the reasons I was able to make it through my senior year; we had lots of laughs and lots of fun together and it is definitely going to be something I’m going to miss. I may not have liked the work but I loved the class. I would definitely recommend taking this class if you want to make some friends and have a good time.

Senior Farewell

This year was by far one of my better years especially since Mr. Wright is chill and bought us pizza while I was on vacation.  It was fun to see how all of the school’s sports teams did and then post it for the school to see.  The comradery in the air was another plus and especially since the school was crazy this year.  The teachers have all taught me what I needed to know and treated me with respect.  Although I have been treated well the school could have had better lunches that weren’t terribly overpriced and depressed me to the point of no return.  My pallet has been tainted for 4 years and I can’t wait to taste that freedom food that will come at the price of my paycheck in the future.

An Unforgettable Year

There have been so many memories made in this class that I can’t begin to count them, including pizza parties to making fun of the mistakes we made along the way. As part of the 2021-2022 Web Design Team, I can’t even begin to describe all the good times I’ve had in Mr. Wright’s class. My senior year I had the distinguished honor of being a part of the web design team with some great people including Zander Arheart, Landon Rutledge, Teagan Cobb, and Julie-Anne Evans. Thank you, Mr. Wright, for the unforgettable experience and the many lessons you have taught me. I will always remember the memories of this class and will never forget all the good times I had. Now I am off to get an engineering degree at WSU and all the valuable lessons Mr. Wright has taught me will be useful for college.