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Rocket Athletics

Lots of Fun...

Though I only attended Advanced Web Design for 2 years, I really enjoyed every second of it! The class was filled with either sarcasm or meaningful jokes towards each other and made the class a whole lot more fun! I enjoyed knowing who was doing really well in each sport and how much they have progressed in the years as a Rocket. Most of my classmates have changed over the years and it brings a little laugh to compare a picture of them to what they currently look like. This class was mostly important to me because I was interested in the coding and I got a lot of help from Mr. Wright on what to do and I thank him for that. I also improved on some of my photography skills as well. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future to this class and how much it will improve later on in the future. Farewell Rose HIll High School!

The End Has Come...

At the end of my junior year I was pretty hesitant on signing up for Web Design.  Then I figured that if Reed can do the class, it should be pretty easy.  My first day Mr. Wright told me I would be doing box scores for some sports.  He was showing us how to code everything and I was completely lost.  However, as the year went on it started to become second nature to me and I would finish quickly. Another thing I thought that was cool is that I got to take pictures for the basketball games.  It doesn’t sound fun but when there was limited attendance to the games due to COVID-19 it was a great opportunity to get into the games.  I also created some friendships with some of the basketball players that I never talked to because of it.  If you are a sophomore or junior, I highly encourage you to participate in Web Design.  You will not find another class like it.

Good Bye High School

Rockets athletics was an amazing class! even though I only had the class one year, I enjoyed every part of it, even the little conversations we had were great. Mr. Wright and the class members had such a chill vibe which made it even better. My favorite part about the class was the hilarious conversations or the clowning on one another. I'm honestly going to miss it a lot. I guess you can say I'm not ready to leave high school and all the memories behind but I'm glad to have met the people I did in that class and all others. It was nice to be able to keep up with the sporting events even if I didn't attend them but the class made it feel like I was there. I'd recommend this class to anyone down for a hardworking and fun environment. I'm so thankful for Mr. Wright and the rocketathletic members!!! Adios Amigos.