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Rocket Athletics

It's Been Fun...

The ambiance in Mr. Wright’s classroom has been nothing but motivational and laughter-filled; it has overall made a positive influence in my high school experience. Mr. Wright was understanding of our abilities as students and would use that information to allow us to work in areas where we excelled. He was very helpful where we would struggle with our work and would do anything in his power to make sure we accomplished our tasks. One time in class, a few of my classmates and I played dog whistles on YouTube to see how long Mr. Wright could stand it before losing his sanity. I have had many hilarious memories within his classroom and I will miss this class dearly. Mr. Wright has allowed me to realize that there are flaws in everything but there is always a solution to them as well; he has taught me that in order to fix what needs fixing you have to apply yourself as well as maintain a solid will to do so. I would like to sincerely thank my teacher for putting my mental into a state in which I can excel in life.

Goodbye High School

I had my eyes set on Advanced Web Design from the start. I wasn’t really interested in the athletics side of things, but rather the software side. After taking several of Mr. Wright’s classes previously, I was disappointed to see that I couldn’t join in my junior year; I had taken Academy classes and didn’t have any spots left for it. However, in my senior year, I did, though I had to take it during third hour as an independent study for it to not conflict with my academy schedule. Despite this, I wasn’t one hundred percent sure what to expect once I joined. I spent a lot of the year making web pages compatible with mobile devices, and ended up redoing a lot of things. I decided that reprogramming Animate files to work on mobile would take more effort than what it was worth and converted a lot into pure Javascript. Animate might not be around forever, but Javascript probably will be. The last weeks of school, with COVID-19, was pretty chaotic for everyone, but the class figured out how to work with it quickly enough. I didn’t get everything done this year that I wanted to, and it’s hard to believe that it is already over. Overall, I learned a lot this year, and I’m thankful for the time I had here in Mr. Wright’s classes. Farewell Rose Hill High School.

So Long 4th Hour

Rocket Athletics has been one of my favorite classes I’ve taken throughout my four years at RHHS. For various different reasons as well. Mr. Wright’s class always had a laid back feel to it. Even if we were busy it was still always a laid back environment that seemed to relieve stress from all of my other classes. The most memorable part of it to me is the daily conversations we had whether it was talking about sports or poking fun at each other. It was always so much fun to look forward to everyday. I loved being able to keep up with all of the sports up close and really know what was going on throughout the school for once in my four years while I was here. Being a part of the Rocket Athletics web page staff is an opportunity I’m so glad I took and it was an absolute blast. I would recommend it for anyone. Mr. Wright started out as my teacher but has now become a great friend to me who I can contact about anything, anytime. It is a class you’ll always look forward to and it will be one that you won’t forget. Farewell!