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Rocket Athletics

Rose Hill JV @ Mulvane JV with Clearwater JV

vs Clearwater JV L 10-25, 17-25
vs Mulvane JV L 22-25, 24-25

Pictures taken by Sara Hayhurst
IMG_7195 IMG_7203 IMG_7206 IMG_7209 IMG_7213 IMG_7218 IMG_7221 IMG_7223 IMG_7239 IMG_7243
IMG_7255 IMG_7262 IMG_7266 IMG_7275 IMG_7284 IMG_7285 IMG_7287 IMG_7289 IMG_7291 IMG_7298
IMG_7299 IMG_7312 IMG_7316 IMG_7331 IMG_7333 IMG_7334 IMG_7336 IMG_7337 IMG_7341 IMG_7342
IMG_7343 IMG_7348 IMG_7353 IMG_7355 IMG_7362 IMG_7372 IMG_7376 IMG_7381 IMG_7382 IMG_7384
IMG_7392 IMG_7395 IMG_7398 IMG_7409 IMG_7414 IMG_7419 IMG_7423 IMG_7431 IMG_7434 IMG_7435
IMG_7437 IMG_7440 IMG_7443 IMG_7445 IMG_7447 IMG_7453 IMG_7455 IMG_7464 IMG_7471 IMG_7473
IMG_7479 IMG_7481 IMG_7483 IMG_7486 IMG_7488 IMG_7490 IMG_7495 IMG_7496 IMG_7508 IMG_7512
IMG_7514 IMG_7515 IMG_7523 IMG_7524 IMG_7527 IMG_7529 IMG_7537 IMG_7540 IMG_7546 IMG_7548
IMG_7550 IMG_7556 IMG_7563 IMG_7581 IMG_7584 IMG_7587 IMG_7590 IMG_7592 IMG_7598 IMG_7601
IMG_7603 IMG_7619 IMG_7621 IMG_7622 IMG_7631 IMG_7634 IMG_7641 IMG_7642 IMG_7645 IMG_7647
IMG_7650 IMG_7660 IMG_7662 IMG_7673 IMG_7675 IMG_7680 IMG_7689 IMG_7691 IMG_7701 IMG_7709